Sarah Cale’s work as a painter is known for its playful material constructions that communicate a visual tension between how each painting is made and what it is representing. Paintings use a range of application techniques that communicate both fast and slow production, asserting creation and dissolution, history and transcendence. 

Each bather in this series is one of a kind and features a different motif from the painting Amorphous Time 2.

For this painting, Amorphous Time 2, the slow collage of adhered paint combined with fast oil application morph together to blend two differing impulses confounding the same surface. They present bottles as subjects that refer more to the vessel’s curvy and figurative appearance, an allusion to a feminine form. 


Sarah Cale Painting

Amorphous Time 2, 2017, adhered acrylic and oil on linen 22” x 15”



The SARAH CALE X MINNOW BATHERS series is sold out