Left, Psychic cost > power variations, 2017, found paper on archival board, 20" × 30". Right, Maggie in her studio in St. Catharines.


Maggie Groat is an interdisciplinary artist who works in a variety of media including works on paper, textiles, and site-specific interventions.   

Each Maggie Groat x Minnow Bathers piece is one of a kind and features a different motif from the collage, Psychic cost > power variations. This print is included in our 2021 line, Cosmic Ocean.

 Psychic cost> power variations (2017) is part of an ongoing study into imperfect symmetries and patterning. Composed of found and modified images taken from the margins of 20th century printed matter, and through processes of decontextualizing, fragmenting and halving, a proposal, a map, a power-image, emerges. 

“I think of these images as power-filled, personally-visionary, and connected to the energetic possibilities related to their original contexts, while at the same time, gain something else entirely through a transformation that occurs in the handmade processes of their creation. The double, the shadow, the ritual, wayfinding, spectrums, twinning, cycling, fragmentation, worms, eggs, spiders, pollination, fertility, the relationship between the astronomical on the terrestrial, visible and invisible marks, folding and unfolding, attraction, alternative utilities, are some ideas that orbit these compositions.”

5% of sales from Maggie Groat x Minnow Bathers will be donated to The Native Women’s Association of Canada. This series is available through our shop and select stockists.
The MAGGIE GROAT x MINNOW BATHERS series is available on our site and through select stockists