Darby Milbrath’s paintings are informed by her background as a professional contemporary dancer which lend her work a sense of movement and theatricality. The dreamlike subjects in her paintings inhabit an imaginary world and evoke a feeling of nostalgia and magic. Milbrath’s memories of her imaginative childhood with her sisters, the landscape of the West Coast Gulf Islands whereon she was raised, as well as her mysticism that began as a young girl there, are recurring motifs in her paintings.

Each bather in this series is one of a kind and features a different motif from the painting, Lotus Pond. Lotus Pond was inspired by the lush, overgrown gardens surrounding Darby's childhood home, by the warmth and colours of late summer and youthful love.


Lotus Pond 

Darby Milbrath, Lotus Pond, 2016, oil on linen, 24" × 30"

Lotus Pond was included in The Garden exhibition at Projet Pangee, Montreal, 2016

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