Through their playful oversimplification of the familiar, Dana Slijboom's paintings express a hallmark of expressionism—the invocation of subjective emotion over a fixed meaning or representation. The highly composed and meticulous application of basic imagery gestures toward Slijboom’s expressive attempts at a light-hearted control over the conflicting states of anxiety and humour each symbol presents. 

In her ongoing series All the Fallen Tulips, Slijboom's methodically rendered tulips are simple and repetitive, reminiscent of a vintage domestic textile or a field of cut flowers. Her work embraces digital aesthetics, recalling early computer drawing programs and video games, with pixelated flourishes. Its moods are unmistakably of the moment exploring ideas of excess and overindulgence.

Each bather in this series is one of a kind and features a different motif from the digital sketch for All the Fallen Tulips: Mixed Emotions.



Digital Sketch for All the Fallen Tulips: Mixed Emotions 



The Dana Slijboom x Minnow Bathers series is available through our shop and select stockists